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I heart LaDonna. If she really had a bar and it was in my town, I would be like the hoodlum with the matches but it wouldnt be scary because they would be matches of love


She is possibly one of my favorite characters of all time. Khandi Alexander plays the CRAP out of her!  First all rough and stuff then…NOT. I’m routinely holding my breathe for her out of either laughter or hurt. David Simon and his writing teams have always been good at writing strong conflicted female roles but what I especially love about LaDonna is that little of her major arcs have to do with societal expectations. Of course a female lawyer is brash and ballsy. Of course a Kingpin’s girlfriend is hiding insecurities under mink coats. But what do you do with the bar owner/mother who is married to a Dr. but works in the hood? SO MANY OPTIONS…the writers chose the road less traveled. I appreciate that.

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